Handles & signals

In the summer of 2020 I designed a new identity for Blank Network, a platform that connects artists with collectors.

An early map that later informed Blank's identity.

In my conversations about Blank Network with the founder, we continually discussed the importance of the metadata that is attached to an NFT on the blockchain and contains the provenance of an artwork.

By overlapping basic geometric primitives, I imagined how metadata might translate to a strictly geometric form. Appending a circle to the bottom right corner of a square evoked a sizing grip, a ubiquitous interface element for sizing a bounding box. This combination also loosely evoked the red dot that is sometimes added next to an artwork upon its sale.

The final mark shipped with some visual elasticity. The shapes could be completely merged for a more abstract meaning, or each shape could be distinctly colored for a clearer handle/signal metaphor.

Website Concepts

I also worked on several quick concepts for Blank Network's novel artwork bounty interface, explore feed, and artwork pages.